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Xodus' Graveyard is place populated nearly exclusively by the Undead, lead by the terrible dark mistress Medusa. Beyond the graveyard's fence you will bear witness to horrors and atrocities, but there lies within rumours of treasures and glory.

Getting There[]

From shop: s;e;3n;2w;n

Area Size[]

Large (40+ rooms).

Danger Level[]

Medium+. Mortals can explore without facing too much peril, but beware that most monsters are aggressive.

Notable Mobs[]

Medusa, Rusalka, The Lich.


Recover the Moonstone

Area Omnibus[]


Name Level Hp Difficulty Spell Dam/Type
Ghost 10 210 Easy N/A
Ghoul 13 210 Easy N/A
Lady 22 600 Medium+ 35 / Drain
Lagmonster 1 70 Easy N/A
Lich 22 1100 Medium++ 15 / Electricity
Medusa 20 1500 Hard+ 40 / Electricity
Poltergeist 12 200 Easy N/A
Head Priest 20 1200 Medium++ 25 / cold
The Priest 19 1500 Medium++ 20 / electricity
Robert Barkhald 1 3000 Hard* N/A
Rusalka 18 1200 Medium+ N/A
Skeleton Chieftain 9 170 Easy N/A
Skeleton Soldier 6 130 Easy N/A
The Vampire 25 1000 Medium++ 20 / Drain
Wraith 15 250 Easy+ N/A
Zombie 12 190 Easy+ N/A

Area Objectives[]

In the Xodus graveyard there are primarely two hidden objectives:

Solve the Recover the Moonstone-quest.

Find the lost pieces of the Staff of Chaos, and assemble the staff.

Staff of Chaos[]
  • Piece 1: From shop, go s;e;3n;2w;3n. Dig ground and you'll find the first piece.
  • Piece 2: Go e;climb. Get piece.
  • Piece 3: d;2w;nw;move bush;n;move carpet;push button;move rack;2n;dig grave x 10;get piece
  • Piece 4: 2e;touch stone 3;2w;cut web;2s;kill the rusalka. Touch point when she is dead. Go south. Read west wall to learn which positions the levers are supposed to be in (L=Low, M=Middle,H=Raised). Arrange the levers in the positions required, then push button, and get piece.
  • Piece 5: 3n;2e;s;e;2s;look at east wall;look at crack;push button;e;move table;push button;3n;kill vampire;w;clean wall x 2;push button;move holder;free lady;search trash (Searching crack here will give a shiny bronze shield that when worn will allow you to shape and look at Medusa)
  • Piece 6: e;3s;w;s;w;2s;dig ground
  • Piece 7: enter portal;u;w;2n;e;ne;2n;w;pray;get piece
  • Piece 8: e;2s;sw;w;2n;w;u;search corpse
  • Assembling the staff: d;e;kill zombies. North. Make Chaos. You will now hold in your hands the Staff of Chaos.

Make chaos.

Neighboring Areas[]

Backbone: going south at the entrance will lead you back to the sun alley.

Millambers: 2w from Battleground will lead to Millambers Tower.