Additional rules for wizards on VikingMUD, the long version.

The rules must not be taken too literally; they are not perfectly formulated. Remember that normal rules apply to wizards too ("help rules"), except for the part about "robots" -- just don't send too many commands at once, please.

First of all, as with the normal rules, it is important to use common sense. If there is anything that seems even the slightest bit unclear, contact an arch wizard or an admin, preferably someone in the Law team for interference, QC for coding/testing, mudlib for coding technicalities.

If an arch fails to respond within a few seconds, don't despair! Wait for a few minutes. Many of the arch wizards spend their spare minutes at work by being active on the MUD, and when actually working IRL, they may take some time to respond.

Arch wizards are not strictly bound by these rules.

You are not allowed toEdit

1. Interfere

2. Add features to the game

3. Test characters

4. Disrespect Privacy

5. Abuse Code

6. Abuse Disk usage

Wizards not following the above rules may be demoted, shut out from the game for a certain time, banished or have their site locked out, depending on the severity of their actions. Any other means seem fit may also be used.

Use your wizardhood wisely. It is a privilege, not a right.

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