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A Wizard is a character who has abandoned the hack'n slashery of the world to (ultimately) become a Creator. Wizards are given certain priviliges, as for instance a glance into the mudlib, and additional commands that lets them access information that is not revealed to mortal or eternal players.

What do they do?[]

Wizards use their coding skills to create areas that (hopefully) one day will pass QC and become a permanent addition to the world. Without Wizards and Creators the MUD would never evolve.

How do I become one?[]

To become a wizard (or eternal), you need to solve a number of quests and miniquests, and in addition have one million experience points. Go to the adventurers' guild to find out how many quests you need to solve.
When you advance to level 20, you must choose; become a wizard student or play on as an eternal player.

Can I do whatever I want as a Wizard?[]

The short answer is 'no'. The long one is wizrules.

Wizard Levels[]

Wizards are organized in levels like this:

30 - Student - Wizard without coding privileges.
31 - Wizard
32 - Proctor - Wizard allowed to make students into wizard.
33 - Lord - Ruler of a group of wizards working in an unopened domain.
34 - NONE - Reserved*
35 - Creator - Wizard who has an open area in the game.
36 - NONE - Reserved*
37 - Lord - Ruler of a group of wizards working in a open domain.
38 - NONE - Reserved*
39 - Visitor - Visiting Arch Wizard from another MUD.

40 - Junior Archwizard
42 - Elder - Most Honorable Former Arch.
45 - Archwizard
50 - Administrator

Note: Those wizard levels marked as 'Reserved*' are not valid levels, and will no longer be supported as "silly levels" by the administration.

This does not apply to Junior Arches or higher.

See Also[]

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