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show the MUD's uptime information


  • uptime


Shows the MUD's uptime information. The information consists of three parts:

  • 1) The total MUD uptime since last reboot
  • 2) After how long the MUD autoreboots
  • 3) Average CPU load for the past 1, 5 and 15 minutes


Average CPU load is not only the CPU usage for the driver, but for all processes running on the same computer as Viking. The load average reflects how "busy" the CPU currently is. A high number may mean that the CPU has too much to do, or it can simply mean that there are many processes demanding attention at the same time. A load of 0 - 2 may not be bad at all, whereas higher loads can explain why the MUD appears slow.

If the MUD appears slow in response in despite of these numbers being low, then the problem is not local to Viking, but probably somewhere between your fingers and Viking.



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