toggle - Turns something on or off


toggle <option>


Turns different things on and off. Here is a list of the current options and what they mean:

  • paging - Turns off paging on some of your output. This means you can get text one page at a time
  • debug - This shows if you have "debug mode" on. Only wizards can set this one.
  • echo - Decides if you want a verbose message or just "Ok." after commands.
  • brief - Shows short descriptions when entering rooms.
  • busy - (Wizards only): Stops other peoples' output from appearing on your screen.
  • boldprompt - If you want bold case on your prompt.
  • boldwho - Show player's names on "who" with bold case.
  • boldexits - Show room exits with bold case.
  • autobusy (Wizards only) - Automatically enter busy mode when editing notes, reading mail etc.
  • abbrev - Abbreviate commands; experimental. It will let you type for instance "tog" instead of "toggle", and if there are several commands matching, you will get a list. Please note that this mode is only experimental, and might "override" some other commands.
  • iacga - Enable telnet escape codes to tell when a prompt was sent. This will be useful if you use a MUD client that knows how to use these codes.
  • numeric - Shows "4" instead of "four" in your inventory, with the look command etc.
  • composite - Shows most descriptions like this: "There are four bottles of beer and a bag here." rather than making a list with one line for each item.
  • fileexp (Wizards only) - File name completion for certain wizard commands.
  • expert - If you have expert mode off, you will automatically get a keyword search if you use help on an unknown subject. So, "help weapon" with expert mode off would become "help -k weapon" if there is no help file called exactly "weapon".
  • reonlt - If you wish for the lt command to be updated by the use of re, "toggle reonlt".
  • shopquiet - If you have shopquiet mode on, you will not get a list of every item someone sells, but rather simply a single message that "Foo sells some items".


Toggle brief

With 'toggle brief' you will avoid the long input from 'long description', and instead get the 'short description' whenever you walk into a new room.


You can abbreviate the argument to toggle. "toggle ia" does the same thing as "toggle iacga".

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