This is from what one might call the guildhall of The Krylitz School of Magic.

The Krylitz School of Magic.== The Krylitz School of Magic is today listed as maintained by The Administration, but it was coded by Klopf, which is also known to have coded the legendary Klopf's Graveyard.

The guild is also located in the Graveyard some place. If one is to join The Krylitz School of Magic, one has to search around the Graveyard, which of many players might be considered alittle dangerous for a newbie. The undead in the Graveyard has been known to block your way out. Maybe a nice player or mage might be able to show you where it is? Or gives you some pointers.

Mage you said? The Krylitz are also popularly called mages, which might be a correct term if you compare to other games.

Mages, or magicians if you like, are known to use their mind to cast powerfull spells to their advantage.

In the Krylitz School of Magic you will find that all the spells are divided into different Schools (Colleges) to study. I will introduce you to two of them, and the rest you will have to try to find out for yourself.

At first, one should mention that advancing spells cost experience and coins. The advancing of spells you will have to do in the guild. Also you should know that casting all these amazing spells is impossible without having them in your spellbook. Who can remember all those amazing spells in their mind?? Thats where transcription comes in handy.

The Krylitz are known to be well in manipulating the elementals. And one of the schools you can study is the College of Ice Magic. It has powerfull cold/ice spells. One example is the glacial spike, which is by many players considered to be one of the best attack spells that Krylitz are capable of casting. Summon Ice Elemental is also an exciting spell to discover...

One of the other Schools (Colleges) is the College of Golem Magic. Golems are known to be superb tankers for your mage, an the most powerfull one is the Fire Golem. There are also more lowlevel mage golems to be advanced. Your Golem can be commanded by different commands. Try it out!

At last, a hot tip is that Krylitz, which is standing in the middle of the guild, is central in advancing spells, and maybe he might know a thing or two?

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