• ask <someone> <message>
  • lt <message>
  • tell <someone> <message>


Send a message to a single player. He or she may be anywhere in the game.

'lt' lets you tell something to the last person who you told something to. This means you don't have to retype the name of the person you're having a conversation with. 'lt' is unaffected of what people tells you - it's who you tell something to or ask something that matters.

  • 'ask' lets you ask someone a question.
  • 'tell' lets you send a message to someone.

If you type just 'lt', you'll see who you last told something to.
The first time ever you use 'lt' to see the status, 'lt' will pretend you were the last person you told something to. Just ignore it.



See Also

reply, block, last

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