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A broad term that includes all the stats of a character.


Every player has four stats defined:

Str - Strength, affects your carrying capacity and fighting ability.

Dex - Dexterity, affects your fighting ability.

Int - Intelligence, affects your spellcasting ability.

Con - Constitution, affects your health.

Raising Stats[]

These values can be raised in adventurers guild by paying excessive experience points, points above your current level. The command 'score stats' will give information about your current stats. You raise these stats independently of your level in the adventurers guild. Note that mortals may advance stats beyond their level (up to a point), while eternals can only advance to match their current level.

NB! Your sp-max and hp-max will NOT go up when you raise your
level. You must raise the corresponding stat as well to accomplish that.

A mortal with advanced strength surpassing the characters level.

Modify Stats[]

Stats can be modified in many ways, predominately by magical eq and guildpowers. However there is a limit (+11) to how much you can modify each stat. This means you can only add +11 to any stat. Any points added by modifiers beyond that will be wasted.

A paladin using guildpowers to modify stats.