Syntax: shape [whoever]


This command lets you know how hurt a monster or player is. If you just type "shape", it will act on your current opponent.


The command will return one of ten 'shapes', which are relative to the monsters/players hp.

  • great shape - The monster is hardly injured or not injured at all. (100- 90%)
  • good shape - The monster is barely injured. (90-80%)
  • breathing rather heavily - The monster is suffering minor injuries. (80-70%)
  • bad shape - The monster is at approximately 60% of full hp. (70-60%)
  • limping around - The monster is nearing half dead. (60-50%)
  • half dead - Halfway! (50-40%)
  • terrible shape - The monster is beginning to feel the heat. (40-30%)
  • really awful state - Death is imminent, keep on going! (30-20%)
  • terribly hurt - The blood is flowing, not much left! (20-10%)
  • almost mashed to a puddle of blood - Well, the shape says it all. (10-0%)


Example of Shape used on a Mighty Squirrel.

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