• ===Description: The sword is the embodiment of the
    Samurai's code, the expression of his
    steel discipline, unswerving devotion,
    and peerless skill.

    For the Samurai, in some ways his decisions on how
    to succeed are relatively simple. He essentially has to
    harmonize a constituency of two - his Lord, and his
    "Bushido" code or value system. In fact, one could
    argue that the Samurai only has one master; his value
    system, as loyalty to the Lord is an intrinsic part of the
    code. Another constant of Samurai life is continual
    training for excellence.

    Bushido, literally meaning "Way of the Warrior", is the
    Code of Honour and way of life of the Samurai.
    There are eight virtues, which a Samurai must try to possess:

    A Samurai must show a sense of justice and honesty.
    A Samurai must show courage and contempt for death.
    A Samurai must show sympathy towards all people.
    A Samurai must always have self-control.
    A Samurai must show politeness and respect for etiquette.
    A Samurai must show sincerity and respect for one's word of honour.
    A Samurai must show absolute loyalty to one's superior.
    A Samurai has a duty to defend the honour of one's name and guild.

    The Samurai Guild is a powerful guild with both good defensive and offensive spells/skills.Swords are the weapons that have come to be
    synonymous with the samurai.Almoust every attacking samurai skill/spell requires the use of one or two swords.

    The samurai have 4 main skills: Chopping weapons, Slashing weapons, Mental discipline and Sword sharpening. These skills determine to what degree of potency and success you can use the abilities of the Samurai.
    You can train/practice these skills in the guild by using spare experience points or money.
    The Samurai's devotion to the skill of the sword makes it possible to specialize in a specific type of swords. This,however, requires that the Samurai already masters the skill of Sword sharpening and is experienced enough.
    Once you`re ready, you can seek out Kanejirou,the guild's sword master, who usually spends his time in the memorial room. At Kanejirou, you can check what itwould cost for you to specialize. If you are up for it, simply type 'specialize' and Kanejirou will help you with the initial teaching.

    The Samurai are able to specialize in any of the following sword types:
    Samurai swords
    Two-handed swords
  • ===Getting there: from shop: s7w5n4w3nu===
  • ===Quest: Before you can join the ranks as a true samurai warrior you`ll need to prove your devotion to the Guild. You`ll prove yourself worthy by solving the samurai guild quest. Start searching the cave outside the guild to get going
    with the quest.===
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