Vikingmud Wiki


Extensive version of the Rules for playing VikingMUD (wizards have additional rules, and archwizards are bound by their common sense).

You are expected to follow common sense and generally be nice to other people.

Be aware that the rules must not be interpreted too literally. Please note that the rules aren't necessarily very specific, this is intentional. If there is something you find unclear about the rules, ask an arch (those who show up on "who -a", with (Arch) or (Admin) in front of their names), preferably someone within the Law department.

The final authority on the rules of VikingMUD is the administration (that is, those who are Administrators).

Also remember that VikingMUD is a game, wherein you have no rights, although you usually are treated as if you have some. The world of VikingMUD is imperfect; it is not concealed that there can be real persons behind a
character's name, which makes "real roleplaying" near impossible. Keep this in mind!

You are not allowed to[]

1. Playerkill

2. Multiplay

3. Robots/automatic play

4. Share Characters

5. Quest help

6. Abuse Bugs, features or anomalies

7. Use Offensive/menacing behaviour or names

8. Send Escape/control characters and colours

9. Take Law into your own hands

10. Denial of Service attacks

See Also[]

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