VikingMUD has a dynamic questpoint system (DQPS). This means that every quest has something called questpoints, questpoints is a guide on how much work it is to solve the quest.

Why should you care about questpoints? Because you need to get enough questpoints if you want to become
a wizard or an eternal. If you don't want to become either of these then stop reading now.
So you feel you are destined for higher goals. Well here on VikingMUD there are certain demands you must fullfill, you must get enough questpoints before you can become a wizard or an eternal. This is so we know you have experienced the mud and seen alot of it (not just standing around bashing the same monster over and over again). Basicly you must solve a number of quests. That means you must have been in these areas and explored them alot. As stated above every quest has a questpoints, two differentt kind of questpoints: Static and Dynamic.

Basicly the static questpoints are determined by the wizard and QC when he makes the quest and they should never change.

The dynamic questpoints are calculated from the static questpoints by the mud depending on how many times a quest have been solved compared to the other quests. The quests dynamic questpoints are recalculated after a rebootor when someone solves the first quest after midnight.

Also it is the dynamic questpoints that you are rewarded when you solve a quest. So how many questpoints do you need?

How many questpoints you need to become wizard or eternal depends on two things, how many quests (or questpoints) there is totally in the game and how many you already have. If you want to try and solve as few quests as possible then you should solve quests that has higher dynamic questpoints then static.

To find out how many quests there is, how many static or dynamic questpoints a quest has, how many questpoints you need to become wizard or how many questpoints you have, run along to the Adventurers Guild or your guildhall.

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