Run around and kill things with your friends and family.


  • party <add|bold|disband|follow|leader|leave|name|remove|say|status> [who]


These commands are available for all party members:

  • party bold - Toggle bold case of what direction the party leader leaves. Can be nice.
  • party emote <message> - Emote on the party line.
  • party follow - Toggle if you follow the party leader. (You not follow if the party leader flees.)
  • party leave - Leave the party.
  • party name <name> - Set the party name.
  • party say <message> - Give a message to all party members
  • party status - Show information about all party members.

These commands are available for the party leader only:

  • party add <who> - Offer [who] a place in the party.

Additional Amril CommandEdit

This is an extra command only available within the boundaries of Amril:

  • party tank <who/-c>


In the Lands of Amril you may define a tanker in your party.

A party tank will get all the aggro given to any party member in the same environment as the tanker at any given time. This is a sort of "auto defend", but will also work even if the tanker is fighting someone else.



See AlsoEdit

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