A short summary detailing the Newbiehelper program for the Newbiehelpers and Wizards.


So, you wish to become a newbiehelper. Congratulations! The newbiehelpers on VikingMUD are a select group of players who have chosen to dedicate some of their time on VikingMUD for the sake of new players, to help them
get accustomed to our little slice of the Internet. To do this is a great help for them, as well as the community in general, and it is appreciated not only by those you help, but by the Wizards and administration of VikingMUD as well. Thank you for helping us make this place just a little brighter.

As a Newbiehelper, you are expected to dedicate some of your time to this activity, helping players get familiar with their new surroundings. This does not include neccesarily partying with them and leveling them to level 18 in one day. This teaches them nothing but dependancy on others to play the game for them. It is better by far that you take them on a tour of sorts; show them Larstown, the newbie area and the smaller areas near Larstown where they are likely to be able to survive on their own after gaining their first few levels.

A suggested few pointers are below:

  • Show the player the Larstown area, including the adventurersguild, the pub, the bank and the shop. Instruct them in the use of these facilities.

  • Explain the quest system. You may accompany the player during the Orc Slayer quest, and give them hints as you see fit. Do not, however, give them the /solution/ to the quest straight out.

  • Inform them about the guilds on VikingMUD, and their respective powers and virtues. Use help guilds as a guideline. Do not tell them about the 'hidden' guilds in full; merely hint as to their presense. Let them discover these on their own.

  • Tell them (Preferrably show them) the party system, and explain the use of communications. (Say, tell, mail and channels).

  • Explain the stats system, money, hitpoints and spellpoints, as well as the trade system (trading gold for XP) and twoweapon skills.

  • Explain the use of equipment and the related commands. (wear, wield, equip, unequip, eq) Tell them about unique equipment, magic effects and containers.

  • Show the player the rules file! Explain to them the importance of following these rules, and about the punishment system on VikingMUD (Warnings, demotes, banishment, siteblocking) Inform them how they can interact with the Law department and arches.

These guidelines are truly yours to fill out. The Newbiehelper program is mostly a player-run community service, and as such, we welcome suggestions and additions to these helpfiles.

Please mail your friendly neighborhood arch about any additions you think up.

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