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A short summary of the roles of the newbiehelper


Newbiehelpers are ordinary players who have voulenteered to aid new players on VikingMUD in familiarizing themselves with the MUD. These experienced players can help you get more aquainted with the commands and layout of the general MUD area, as well as point you in the direction of areas where you will not put yourself in too high a risk for your level.

The Newbiehelpers are not there to help you gain levels as quickly as possible. They are of course welcome to party with you, and possibly even help you along for a few levels, but they are there first and foremost to teach you the game itself, not powerlevel your character.

If you wish to become a newbiehelper, please feel free to contact the arches through the "newbiehelper" mailalias. They will give you a short evaluation of your 'newbiefriendliness', and will thereafter grant you the Newbiehelper flag. Being a newbiehelper gives you no special privilieges or rewards other than the warm feeling of gratitude from those new players you help into the world of VikingMUD.

These are the current Newbiehelpers on VikingMUD:
Effie, Fuzzyball, Blusifer, Razor, Caiafas, Lith, Cieri, Feng.

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