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Easy information in FAQ-format for new players on VikingMUD.

If you are used to playing MUDs from before, you should read "help viking", where more Viking-specific commands and events are described.

What is a MUD?[]

MUD is an acronym for "Multi User Dungeons" or "Multi User Dimensions", based on the old computer game "adventure", but with virtually no limit on the number of real people able to play simultaneously. The MUD is also a community of players, where it is expected that you follow common sense and behave as nicely as possible. There are also a set of rules you should read, if you haven't done so already ("help rules").

How do I play?[]

This is not a question that's possible to answer briefly. The best thing to do is to ask someone else who is playing. See "help who" and "help ask" to find out who are playing and how to ask them questions. If you want to find out which commands are available to you, just type "help ghost" and "help mortal".

Where do I begin?[]

The first time you enter the game, you begin in a "room" often referred to as "church" or "the altar to Odin". In that room, you see a listing of so-called exits by typing "exits" or "l" (for "look"). By typing the name of the exit, for example "west", you can "walk" that way. There are some standard directions which you don't have to type in full:

u == up
d == down
n == north
s == south
w == west
e == east
ne == northeast
nw == northwest
se == southeast
sw == southwest

Now you should know just a very small part of the basics about mudding, but far from everything you need. More information on how you get started on Viking can be found in "help viking".

Also, VikingMUD has begun a program where more experienced players can sign up as Newbiehelpers, who will be available in helping you through the first days of play here on VikingMUD. They are helpful, cheerful people who dedicate a part of their time to helping new players, and do this job for free. You can find more information about themin "help newbiehelper".

See Also[]

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