Rule #2 -- Multiplaying

  • a) You may not be logged on with more than one character at a time. This does not apply to registered test characters being logged on at the same times as the owning wizard character.

NOTE: A linkdead character still counts as being logged on, and so does using Guest.

  • b) You may not use one of your characters for the benefit of another of your characters. This applies to all characters you may have. This includes transferring money and equipment through other people's characters.

  • c) You are allowed to have at MOST one wizard character.


Be aware that logging in from the same computer, like sitting at the same keyboard when playing, could lead to misunderstandings. Please do your best to avoid such situations, and try to use different computers with different IP addresses. If you have to use the same computer (and therefore the same IP address), we recommend you tell Law about this in advance (send a mail!). It is also an advantage not to use the same user account, as this is one of the clearest signs Law has to go by, and also because it is most likely illegal with most ISPs.

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