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Everything you need to know about Medusa.


Medusa is the dark leader of the Xodus Undeads, hidden in dark domain of the graveyard. Her skin is green and her head crawls with snakes instead of hair.



  • Hp: 1500
  • Level: 20
  • Spells: Electricity attack and Special.
  • Spell Damage: 40
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Exp: Approx 38k


Although obviously inspired by the Gorgons of Greek Mythology, Medusa is not Gorgon of race. She does however inherit the ability to turn whoever looks at her into stone. Shaping, looking, examining, every command that gives you a glimple of the True her will turn you into stone. When you are turned to stone you can't do anything but sit and wait until someone fetches a remove stone curse scroll and sets you free.

There exists a shield hidden in the graveyard that will allow you to both shape and look at her. See Xodus for more information.


  • Medusa robe (Value about 2-400)
  • Sword of Medusa (Value 1000+)
  • a glowing armour (Value 1000+)
  • green amulet (Value 1000+)
  • a black shield (Value 200-300)

Xodus Amulet[]

Go north after you've slayed Medusa, search trash, and you will (sometimes) find the unique Xodus' Amulet.

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