Mail - read or send mail messages


  • mail [-f | playername | mail-alias]


This version of MUD mail works like standard UNIX mail, not all the features has been included tho, but later versions will have more functionalities.


If no <playername> is specified, mail attempts to read messages from the mud mailbox (ie your new and unread mails).

  • -f Read messages from your own mailbox instead of mud mailbox.


These commands work at the '&' prompt

  • d [message list] - delete messages
  • h - print out active headers
  • m [player] - mail to a player
  • q - quit, save unresolved messages in mbox
  • r [message list] - reply to message (sender only)
  • R [message list] - reply to sender and all recipients of messages
  • s [message list] file - append messages to file
  • z [-] - display next [previous] page of headers
  •  ? - displays this text

these commands work at the begining of a new-line when writing a mail

  • ~q - will abort the mail.
  • ~e - will invoke 'ed' as a editor where you can edit your mails, use 'x' when exiting the editor back to the ordinary mail. Remember that you wont get a prompt when you exit 'ed' you're still in the mail.
  • . - exits/ends the mail and prints out the Cc: prompt.
  • mail - will try to read your new/unread mails if you have any
  • mail test - will mail the player test.
  • mail -f - will display your old read mails, if you have any.
  • mail admin - will mail all the admins on the mud.


  • d 10 - deletes message number 10
  • d 10-14 - deletes message number 10-14
  • d - deletes the current mail (the one that is pointed out by the '>' sign to the leftmost side of the row)

The same thing goes for the commands 'r' and 'R' when it comes to using current mail if no argument is supplied the current one will be the one marked with the '>' pointer.

If <return> is hit in mail mode (when you have the '&' prompt) you will get the next mail displayed all the time just by pressing <return>

See AlsoEdit

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