This is a wizard-specific rule.


Wizrule #1 -- Interference

"What the heck do you mean by game interference?"

Well, the best way to make people understand what we mean is probably to give a few examples:

1. Don't patch mortals. (To patch means to modify their stats or other attributes, such as money and experience.)

2. A wizard may help a mortal who's stuck due to a bug by teleporting the mortal out of there, but not restore the mortal's lost stats etc. That's left to the arches. But make sure that it really is a bug, and not a game feature! If you are not sure, ask an arch or the creator/maintainer of that area, and don't do anything unless you don't get a response in ten minutes or so.

3. Don't walk around in open areas (other than those you have read/write access to, _if_ you _know_ that it won't disrupt the game). This might trigger things in the area you don't know about. This doesn't apply for the "backbone" area (Larstown, eastroad, rooms found in /room/.). Use the "creator" command to find out;
"backbone" should read "Your delicate mind senses that this is a part of Odin's original creation.".

4. Don't clone (fresh, load, patch, updir, whatever) anything from an open area of the game without the explicit permission from the creator and/or maintainer of that area. Also don't attempt loading or accessing any objects in open areas without said permission.

5. Don't generate misleading messages, such as "Connection closed by foreign host.", "You die.", "Crovax approaches you with murder in his eyes."

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