The wonderful little document on colour!

Rule #1: Do NOT use ansi escape sequences to make colour!!!

To use coloursEdit


Replace "COLOUR" with one of the colours found in "help colour", remember to use capital letters. There must not be spaces between the characters '%', '^' and the colour name/end.

The END mark is very very important - it makes sure you don't ruin other players' display (or your own, for that matter), and so is including %^ as in the examples.

If you're going to use several colours within a sentence/text, the END mark is only necessary at the very end of your text, as one colour "writes over" the other. However, BOLD and "bold" colours will have
to be turned off by an END.

Example of "good" colour useEdit



Remember that the text will be formatted as if it contained the codes as normal text. Thus a line which seems very short, will in certain cases split up in two, as seen above. For example, the sample text above is really as much as 73 characters long - if I'd used end-marks after each colour, it would've been 35 characters longer.

You can also use %^ESC%^ to "write" %^ in clear text

Another thing to consider: The colour output seems to bug once in a while. Remember that, and use colours as little as possible in texts occuring often (e.g.: titles).

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