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colour - set your text attributes


colour [<type> <attribute>]


The colour command has two syntaxes. Typing just "colour" will show your current settings. The attribute names will be shown with their attribute applied. The other format lets you decide what attributes certain types
of text should be displayed with. The types of text are, in alphabetical order:

  • board-author - Note author on a board.
  • board-date - Note date on a board.
  • board-headline - Note headline on a board.
  • board-subject - Note subject on a board.
  • board-unread - Note unread on a board.
  • channels - Things happening on chat channels.
  • exits - Obvious exits in rooms.
  • hityou - Combat messages where someone hits you.
  • lasttell - Last tell to you from someone.
  • missyou - Combat messages where someone misses you.
  • party - All [Party]: messages.
  • prompt - Your prompt.
  • tells - Tells from other players.
  • whonames - Player names shown with the "who" command.
  • youhit - Combat messages where you hit someone.
  • youmiss - Combat messages where you miss someone.
  • youtell - Tells to other players.
  • othershit - Combat messages where others hit someone.
  • othersmiss - Combat messages where others miss someone.

Both <type> and <attribute> can be abbreviated, so typing "colour wh inv" gives the same result as "colour whonames inverse".

Valid Attributes

Colour attribs.png


  • colour - shows your current settings.
  • colour exits none - turn off all attributes on obvious exits
  • colour who cyan - make player names in the who list cyan


You must have set your terminal type to something that actually has all these capabilities (see the help for "screen"). Most people have bold/inverse etc. but not all have colours. The terminal types Viking currently supports with colours are "ansi", "colxterm" and "atari".

See Also

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