Rule #6 -- Bugs, features and anomalies in the game

The lines between the three can often be very thin, report strange things to the creator of the area or the QC arches (mail qc).

If you discover something strange in the game -- call it an anomaly if you like -- that either harms you, traps you or otherwise affects yours or others' gameplay in a way you didn't expect, the administration and the creator of that item/NPC/area really want to know about it in order to look into it (help rep).

One such anomaly might be earning several hundreds of thousands of experience points (or money) in a very short time, like a few minutes.

Another anomaly might be a wizard/creator/guild master/lord handing you an item, and ensuring you that it is okay. Don't trust the wizard in question on this unless s/he/it is an archwizard or admin; it might be an attempt to cheat.

If you discover such an anomaly (bug) and report it at once, it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Repeated failure to report bugs (bugs you ought to recognize) is illegal.

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