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The Berserkers Guild.

The berserkers focus on pure brutality and power.

The berserkers powers are mainly decided by their guildlevel. Guildlevels are granted by gaining guildexperience from killing monsters, if you are playing a berserker, you will soon learn what monsters are great for your guildexp, and wich ones are not.

The berserkers have a very limited amount of abilities, but it is just about what one would need.

-Go Berserk- This is the main ability of berserkers, it will give you the possibility to use Swing, and in addition it increases your Strength and Constituton to a great extent, however yourintelligence is greatly reduced. Guildlevels will increase the duration of your berserk time.

- Sacrifice - Sacrificing a corpse to mother rock would grant a minor amount of healt and fatigue points, + a small amount of guildexp.

- Headbutt- A damage ability granted at level 7, it has a low fatigue point cost, and its damage is dependant on the berserkers guildlevel

-Bearhug- A damage ability granted at level 13, does somewhat more damage than the headbutt, but also has a higher cost, the cost is dependant on your strength , as is the damage it does.

- Swing - The mother of all attack abilities, the cost is decided by your guildlevel, and the damage is decided by guildlevel, weapon weigh, weapon class and your strength . This ability can only be used under the effect of Go Berserk, and only when wielding a twohanded weapon.

-Brace- You ready yourself for battle by bracing yourself, this will absorb a whole lot of the damage you take, but be careful, after a certain amount is absorbed, it will deal the damage absorbed back to you.

-Sling- As you would need a twohanded weapon for swings, it will increase the weight you have to carry around, so for the times where you decide not to be in "go berserk mode" you can sling the twohander and carry it on your back.

-Swim- Berserkers have the most beneficial travel ability in the entire game, as they can swim between all the isles of the world of vikings.

How to join the guild: The berserkers headquarter is at an isle called soblak , you can get there by going s 4e s from shop, then wait from captain craigh, buy a ticket and embark his ship. Disembark it when you get to soblak. The berserker headquarters is quite close to the jetty, and you know you are at the whereabouts of the guild when you start noticing bearded women. If you look around closely you will figure out where the guildroom is, and simply just bonk your head into the wall. If you have trouble getting there, try asking someone for directions.

Happy hunting. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!