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Next to the Administration, the Arch Wizards are the highest Authority on Viking. Divided into several areas of responsibility, the Arches administer anything from Law matters to Mudlib and Driver. If you encounter any problems exploring the world, the Arches will do their best to solve them.


The Arches are divided into three sub-categories:

Junior Arch Wizards (level 40)

Aspiring Arch Wizards start off as Juniors, and work their way up, usually by doing the Arches dirty laundry come every monday.

Elder Arch Wizards (level 42)

Retired Arch Wizards and Administrators that hang about talking the old toot about the 'good old days'.

Arch Wizards (level 45)

The Cream of the Crop. These are the lads and ladies that (are supposed to) does all the upkeep on the MUD, from banishing cheaters, accepting/rejecting new areas, and dusting off the mudlib.

Current Arches[]

The current Arches of VikingMUD (updated September 22 2011). (command 'arches').


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