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Starting an anarchy vote in the Anarchy room.

Syntax: anarchy

Show if playerkilling is allowed.
Show information about anarchy.


anarchy - Only time when player killing is allowed.


If the command 'anarchy' says that playerkillings are allowed, that means you won't lose experience, level or stats if you are killed by another player. Note however that if you get killed by a monster, you will lose experience, level, and stats as usual.

If anarchy is on, it means a kind of tournament is taking place. Every time you kill a player, you gain some "anarchy rating" depending on the rating of the one you kill. You will not get any exp for the kill, though. If another player kills you, you will lose some rating, again depending on the rating of the one who kills you. This tournament lasts for half an hour, and you'll not be able to regenerate (pray in church) during this time in case you got killed.

If you want to listen on what goes on with anarchy, and want to participate in the vote when it comes up then turn on the anarchy channel. (Or your voice will be lost in the void:-)

Anarchy vote ended with a tie this time.

Only the players voting for anarchy will participate in anarchy. If you vote against you do not participate in anarchy, but your vote always counts in on deciding if anarchy starts. Note that <not voting> for anarchy is not the same as voting 'no', though both will make it so that you do not participate in anarchy.

Non-structured Anarchy[]

Certain areas, usually designed for higher levels, have an inherited anarchy that isn't built structurally. This means that if you travel to these parts of the world, any player might attack and kill you without warning or consequence. You will however be warned as you enter (most of) these areas, so it is always wise to pay attention as you explore the world of Viking.

Entering Reikland reveals that it is an anarchy area.

...And we are safe again as we leave Reikland.