Vikingmud Wiki

alias - make an alias for a command
aliases - display aliases
unalias - remove one or all aliases


alias <name> [<definition>]
aliases [<search string>]
unalias <-a|name>


Aliases represents commands in abbreviated form, commonly used to simplify the gaming experience, as typing in whole strings to execute a command can be a serious hassle.

There are three different alias commands, for displaying, adding, changing, or removing aliases.

  • alias <name> Display a specific alias.
  • alias <name> <definition> Add an alias for something.
  • aliases Display all aliases.
  • aliases <search string> Search for aliased commands, matching only the definitions.
  • unalias <name> Remove a specific alias.
  • unalias -a Remove all aliases.


  • alias ga - displays your alias 'ga' if it exists
  • alias ga get all - defines 'ga' as an alias for 'get all'
  • \ga - circumvents the alias and executes the command 'ga' instead of 'get all'
  • aliases - displays your aliases
  • aliases get - displays all aliases for commands matching the string 'get'.
  • aliases ga - If your only alias is 'ga' for 'get all', this will display no aliases.
  • unalias ga - removes your alias 'ga'.
  • unalias -a - removes all your aliases.
  • alias - Deprecated usage - display your aliases

Common Aliases[]

Some aliases tend to be shared and used by most players, and these are usually long, critical or very common commands that will greatly simplify your playing experience. A few of the key ones are listed below.

  • alias e east
  • alias w west
  • alias n north
  • alias s south
  • alias se southeast
  • alias sw southwest
  • alias ne northeast
  • alias nw northwest
  • alias d down
  • alias u up
  • alias dp drink potion
  • alias ga get all
  • alias gafc get all from corpse
  • alias kig kill guard (Viking has an excess of guards! This will save you tens of seconds over the years!)
  • alias k kill
  • alias sc score -l (or score -L)
  • alias c chat
  • alias ct chat trade:
  • alias cf chat feeling:
  • alias f finger
  • alias en enter

As you work your way through the world of Viking you will undoubtedly come across heaps of commands or actions that deserves an abbreviation, and that is precicely what an alias will help you with.