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Syntax: advance, advance [stat]

Advance Level[]

Once your character has earned enough experience, you can advance your level. This must take place either in the adventurers guild, or some other area that allows this. (Most guilds have a room for advancement).

Advancing from level 7 to 8 in the Adventurers Guild.

There are numerous advantages to advancing levels, most prominently the ability to raise your stats and to become an eternal player. (The latter also requires questing however).

There are 29 levels for players, with an additional 21 levels divided between students, wizards, creators, lords, elders, arch wizards and admins, totalling at 50 levels.

The 29 'player' levels, and the required exp to reach them.

Advance Stats[]

On the mortal levels (1-19) you can advance stats above your own level to a certain point, but once you've become an eternal player you can only advance them to match your current level. Advancing stats is much like advancing your level; you need to be in the Adventurers Guild or some other room that allows this.

Advancing dex and con in the Adventurers Guild.